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Employment BC is an HR blog that may offer resources and information specifically tailored to HR professionals working in businesses or organizations. Some potential topics that may be covered on the blog could include:

  • HR best practices for small businesses
  • HR strategies for scaling a company
  • Legal considerations for HR professionals in the workplace
  • Tips for managing HR in a remote work environment



  • $200 + VAT – Article/Post with your own text (1 dofollow link in the content)
  • $300 + VAT – Article/Post with the ordered text (1 dofollow link in the content)



If you are sending your text in an e-mail, please provide the following information:
  • the URL of the portal you want to publish to
  • content attachment
  • featured photo
If you choose the option with writing the content, please provide the following information:
  • the URL of the portal you want to publish to
  • keywords
  • url + anchor
  • featured photo
  • other helpful information

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